Brawl Stars is an insanely popular game. With over 100 million downloads on iOS and Android, it has become one of the most played games out there right now and for good reason: It’s just plain fun! One thing that makes Brawl Stars so great is that you can play with your friends and family online. But sometimes you need a little help to get started or find new strategies to win more battles. That’s why we put together this post full of some of the best guides, tips and tricks to make you a top player in no time.

Tips and tricks for Brawl Stars

How to join a match quickly: When you first start, it can be hard to find an open match. If you want to get into a game as soon as possible, then there are two things you can do:

1) Join a club that’s actively looking for new members. Most clubs will state in their description whether they need more members or not. However, if your first choice does not have any available spots right now, don’t worry because…

2) You can also create your own club and wait until other people join up! This way you won’t have to wait long until you’ll play Brawl Stars with real players online. To set up your club the easiest way possible we recommend using the Brawl Stars Discord server.

How to win: Playing Brawl Stars can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can also be frustrating when you don’t know how to play well. Here are some tips that will help you win more often:

1) Pay attention to your surroundings! Knowing what is happening on the battlefield is key to making good decisions.

2) Use your character’s abilities wisely. Not every ability is meant for every situation so use them when they will be the most effective.

3) Stay alive! This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s really important in order to rack up points and win the game.

4) Be patient. Sometimes the best strategy is to wait for the perfect moment before making your move.

5) Have fun! This is, after all, just a game and you should enjoy playing it. Even if you don’t win every match, that’s ok! Just keep trying and you will get better over time.

brawl stars coins

How to get more Brawl Stars coins

Coins are important in Brawl Stars because they allow you to buy new characters and skins. Here are a few ways to get more coins:

1) Play matches! The more you play, the more coins you will earn.

2) Complete challenges! There are different challenges available every day and completing them will give you a lot of coins.

3) Collect treasure chests! These can be found by playing matches or by opening Brawl Boxes.

4) Spend your gems wisely! Gems can be used to purchase coin packs, so make sure you use them when it’s most advantageous for you.

5) Sell duplicates of characters and skins! If you have any extra characters or skins that you don’t want, you can sell them and make a profit.

brawl stars gems

How to get more Brawl Stars gems

Gems are another important resource in Brawl Stars and can be used to purchase Brawl Boxes, Brawl Box Mega Packs, and Brawl Star characters. Here’s how to get more gems:

1) Complete challenges because you will earn gems when you complete them!

2) Buy them with real money. You can purchase gems if you don’t want to wait or if you don’t feel like playing a lot to get them.

3) Ask your friends for some! This works best if you have a few friends who also play the game so ask around and maybe someone will give you some free gems.

4) Sell duplicates of characters and skins! Just like coins, sometimes it is advantageous for you to sell any extras you may have.

5) Play the game every day! You can earn gems by playing in matches, and the more you play, the more gems you will get.

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Most popular modes on Brawl Stars

There are a few different modes available in Brawl Stars and each one of them is unique and fun to play. Here are the three most popular modes:

1) Showdown: Showdown is a mode where you battle other players until there is only one player left standing. This mode can be played solo or in teams.

2) Bounty: Bounty is a mode where you have to collect coins from opponents and then return them to your base. The team that has the most coins at the end of the match wins.

3) Heist: Heist is a mode where you have to break into another team’s base and steal their treasure. The first team to get the treasure back to their base wins.

brawl stars brawlers

Which brawlers to use

There are a variety of different characters available in Brawl Stars and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here is some advice on which characters to use:

1) Colt: He is great for beginners because he shoots straight and his bullets do a lot of damage. However, they move slowly so it can be hard to hit an opponent who is moving quickly.

2) Shelly: Shelly is useful when you need to shoot at close range and take out an enemy quickly. The further away she gets from her target, the less damage she will do so make sure you keep them close!

3) Spike: He jumps in the air before attacking which can allow him to reach opponents who are hiding behind objects. However, he can still be vulnerable to attacks from above because of the lack of protection in the air.

4) Poco: If you need a long range attack and don’t want to miss too often, Poco is your best bet. His healing abilities also make him an important member on defense in Bounty and Heist modes.

5) Jessie: She has many uses including sniping opponents from far away and shooting in all directions when surrounded by enemies.

brawl stars cheats

Are there any Brawl Stars cheats?

We do not condone cheating in online games, however, there are some glitches that can be exploited for easier gameplay. Here are 3 tips to help you beat your opponents:

1) Tap on the screen quickly while attacking to shoot rapidly without losing power behind each shot.

2) You can use the same brawler with every character! If you’re running low on coins or gems and don’t want to purchase a new brawler, just switch your current one with another fully upgraded one. The game will register them as different characters but they will retain most of their abilities. 3) Keep an eye out for boxes located around the map because they contain items that may give you an advantage over your opponent. For example, a health box will heal you and a speed box will make you run faster!

3) Focus on upgrading one brawler at a time! It is usually best to have one strong hero rather than 10 weak ones, so make sure you are focusing your attention on upgrading the brawler you like the most.

4) Use your character’s special ability often! If you don’t use it enough, it will recharge faster but if you use it too much, it will take longer for it to recharge. You can find out how long until your special ability is ready next to its picture in the game’s user interface.

5) Stay away from dangerous areas on the map! There are certain areas that are dangerous because they open up into pits which lead to lower sections of the map where opponents can shoot you more easily or run up and hit you with their melee weapons.

In conclusion, Brawl Stars is an exciting and fast-paced game that is perfect for players of all ages. With a variety of different modes to choose from, there is something for everyone. Make sure you upgrade your brawler so that you can compete with the best!

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